Friday, January 24, 2014

5 (WOMENS!) fashion trends guys hate

If you’ve been reading anything on the internet or on fashion magazines recently, you’ve probably seen countless articles about women’s fashion trends that GUYS hate. I’ve decided to invite a few ~real life guys~ to give their opinions on their least favorite fashion trends; because everyone knows that the most important judge of what a woman is wearing, is a man.


1) confidence
That's right ladiezz, if you're a female, and you love your body, dudes HATE that. I mean seriously, what do you girls think you're doing, you can't just do something that doesn't seek the constant approval of a man, it's just gross. "Insecurity is hot. " - real life guy

2) comfort
All girls dress for guys, and guys love girls that put a lot of effort into their clothes (but also, don’t put too much effort, it makes you seem like you’re trying too hard) If you want to make your man happy, *sic* dress like you’re always ready for a party, (but look laid back and relaxed). We know you womenfolk think men love the natural look, but when we wake up and see you without makeup, it feels like you're launching a personal attack on our livelihood (this may be hard for you to understand). Makeup makes you look nice, (but as always, not too much)

3) dressing for yourself

“There is nothing uglier than a girl who only dresses to make herself feel good and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.”

4) individuality of any sort

Oh my gosh it’s so irritating and gross when girls think they can just dress however they like. But when girls all dress the same it’s really boring, and makes them look stupid.

3) peplums (looks like maternity wear), beanies (dumb), wedge sneakers, floppy hats (makes you look old), open-side shirts (too revealing), bright lipstick (gooey), heavy makeup, bandeaus, pointy heels, high waisted jeans/shorts/skirts (makes you look frumpy), fake nails, fold over boots, high heels (shows how clumsy women are), pantsuits (you're a woman, not a man), drop crotch pants, hair bows (makes you look too young), bangles (too clangy), oversized sweaters (cover up too much), mullet dresses (Where's the party? You're covering the back *sic*), leggings, jeggings (ditch the jeggings, your man will be much happier *sic*), shoulder pads, leg warmers (not the 80s), Uggs, neon (not in good taste), oversized glasses .
I know what you girls are thinking, "What? We might as well walk around naked!" All right, but honestly, it's a little too revealing for us guys.

*the parts that say “*sic*” are literally words that came from an actual website that people read for actual fashion advice. Credit to All Women Stalk and Huff Post (but I don’t know why you would want to take credit for this.)


  1. Ughhhhhh I totally hate these articles, it's like women and girls are permanently being told that they should care what these arseholes think about our appearance.

  2. Preach sister! I have had enough of being told I need to conform to men's ideals of what women should be like x

  3. *facepalm* I shake my head at Men. Why are they so threatened by a woman's individuality and confidence? Lol The people that write this stuff need to sit down for a minute

    Nice post! :)

  4. Oh ffs there is literally no other clothes in existence. Those articles are so stupid and irrelevant

  5. " "Insecurity is hot. " - real life guy " - Now I see why many men find Zooey Deschanel's so-called awkwardness cuuute. About the comfort... the opposite is also a problem: a girl wearing an uncomfortable yet steampunk-cool corset can be looked at in a strange manner by men.
    I loved this post ahah!
    You asked me about "Molloy"... Many people consider it a masterpiece, I thought it was a confusing and complex dive into Molloy's and Moran's psyches and philosophy... Expect infinite ramblings with the occasional wit and irony... I can understand why many consider it a brilliant book though. It's just not my cup of tea and I felt such a relief when I finished it! Add me on Goodreads, if you want to share more reviews and stuff! :D^^

  6. What almost always bemuses me about these so-called "help" articles is that for every ten articles on what you should wear, what you shouldn't wear, and OH MY GOD, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DRESS FOR MEN, DUH there is exactly 0.5 articles telling men what to wear.


  7. Omfg these dudes need to calm their testicles and stfu. Ill be breaking practically everyone of those rules till i die (and right now im wearing high waisted jeans and will be buried in them... it depends on if there hapens to be another type of below the waist garment that i end up wearing or whatever. can you put that in a will, how you want to be dressed for your casket? Srry for rambling :/ great post these dudes really need some lessons on feminism tsk tsk.


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