Friday, January 31, 2014

70s-ish vibes and good things

*ignore the grossness of my shoes and knees*

Me being very ~model status~. 
*Vogue by Madonna plays softly in the background while Anna Wintour sobs*

ps: The stars are one my face, not because my face refuses to cooperate,(which is true), but because I'm a world famous model and can't handle the paparazzi.

small moodboard-esque thing from a while back (clockwise:) sunflower coaster; plant decor from my room; Picnic At Hanging Rock DVD insert; sunflower earring; gold necklace; gold thread; hourglass pendant; little pin; bronze colored sparkly bracelet with rose thing glued to it.

the lightbulbs in my house soak everything in a weird 70s sepia tone light that makes my life seem a little more like a Wes Anderson film. 
- Kanyinsola A. 

oldish collage; you may have seen it on The Wandering because I'm now a regular contributor (!!)

Oh, and also, I'm doing a research project on how women's liberation movements in the 60s and 70s led to the development of third wave feminism in the early 90s so yay. If any of you super cool readers have any sources  on women's liberation, you can let me know in the comments or in an email.

**photo credits to my friends: M, K, and J, who are good photographers except for making silly faces behind the camera so I may force ask them to take photos of me again.

kanyinsola xx
Land's End coat: friend's (I think I'm a little overenthusiastic about wearing young boys clothing); green army jacket: thrifted; striped shirt: childhood; boots: thrifted; necklace: DIY


  1. Like how you layered your outfit, and you collage! xo

  2. I love that collage! And I'm actually doing a research paper on 90s third wave feminism; if you need anything riot grrrl I used this: It's a nice book to have regardless xx

    1. Thank you Ana! I think I'll order that book because it seems like it would be really interesting even if I wasn't doing a research project. xx

  3. jourdan dunn is that you? *plays model by kraftwerk* your collage and mood board are both insanely cool! i always like to think that whenver i see beiges and yellows i feel like im in a wes movie. and you should try learning about gloria steinen shes so impactful. in the 70s also the magazine ms. makers was a really good documebtary and tavis in it!


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