Monday, January 6, 2014

now you're gone, are they moving on

photo by Yookoo that partly inspired my outfit 

I'm trying to layer more, because right now my layering game is about a 6 (on a scale of 1-10), but I'm working on it.
haha yes, my room is a mess (woahh that rhymed), but  my books are color coded so its okay. 

it looks like i'm trying to smuggle a llama in my sleeves. 

Vivian Girls - Share the Joy (fits the aesthetic and the post title is from one of the songs) 
It's a really nice album and has a very fall, hot chocolate, spending the whole day reading - vibe

A really lovely old pin. 
 I think it's supposed to depict the Roman goddess Venus (goddess of beauty). 
When I bought it from a yard sale, it was just a flat piece of china (or something similar) and I taped a pin to the back.

heyyy it's a bag made out of a book (I'm so smart) (not really) I made it with this Rookie DIY. 

The only thing that could have completed this outfit for me (actually, there's a lot of things, aka buy me nice clothes please) would be this UO tartan cardigan. Does anyone have $79 they don't really need?
I normally wouldn't have been able to wear my outfit today seeing as it's (NEGATIVE) 16 degrees F outside. Luckily, school's closed today and tomorrow because of dangerously cold weather. (give me a second to explode because I can stay home for two more days) ADFGHJKL;'QWRETWEROPIY[ZXCJZXBC,M. !@#$67dsakfj

It's not that I hate school or learning at all, it's more that the thought of school (the work, the teachers, the adolescents, waking up early etc) gives me immense amounts of stress. 

For everyone who had to end their vacations today, I'm very sorry and hope you  get through this. 

In other news, happy 28th birthday to Alex Turner!  (If you're obsessed with Arctic Monkeys, please e-mail me so we can have neurotic conversations about their perfection. )
cotton emporium sweater (marshalls), j.crew shirt (thrifted), brown polka dot dress (childhood), Venus pin (secondhand), BOOKbag {I'm sorry} (handmade)


  1. Eek i love your outfit! All the details are so wonderful and I adore that badge. I am also obsessed with the arctic monkeys (I've listened to all of their new album on the way to school 2 days in a row now), how did I manage to miss Alex Turner's birthday? Ughh...

    1. Thank you so much!Their new album is just perfection. I'm pretty sure Alex Turner gets more attractive every year. xx

  2. Such a cute look. Alex Turner <3 gah so beautiful I can't even xo

  3. I love the pin and the book bag!

  4. Perfect! And how fabulous are parks and rec and francoise hardy?
    x Yazmine

    1. Thank you! They are beyond words, I just started the 6th season of Parks and Rec and I'm already in love! xx

  5. Alex always kills it, but lately he is a bit too much. Love your style, original!
    Come by my blog if you want, let's follow each other on Bloglovin? Or Twitter?
    my hollywood daze


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