Saturday, January 18, 2014

don't you see how weak I get

Yesterday my Rookie Yearbook 2 arrived and I read it today while listening to Spilling Lines by Poli├ža and I felt really, truly at peace with everything

I'm starting to realize 
a) how to genuinely just not care what people think of me or of anything (not in an apathetic way, more in a filtering out negative energy way) and it's actually getting really easy. 

b) how to walk through the halls and be content with what I have with less anxiety about what I don't have (grades, friends)

c) how to live in the moment (ew ew I sound like a high school guidance counselor and I'm very sorry) but I'm understanding how to accept imperfection (actually I really want to work on this post for about an hour more to really get my point across but I'm just going to leave it like this because I'm only as perfect as I am) 

d) the human race is actually pretty amazing I mean obviously we're not perfect but we're creating amazing things and we're living people and saving people and a thousand things are happening at once and "that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse

e) listening to Flawless while cleaning the garbage out of your locker/walking through the halls is incredibly life-affirming. It makes you feel incredible- nay! It makes you feel flawless. That is probably the only time I will ever allow myself to make a Beyonce pun (and also Blogger is now trying to tell me that Beyonce isn't a word and I can't find the accent mark for the "e" as my faith in the internet slowly declines. ugh.)

f) happiness?¿ I'm sure I haven't reached an apex of enlightenment yet, but I know that I feel happier and calmer now than I have in months. 

*cue smiley face emoticons*

I'm happy that my outfit ended up looking purposeful even though I put no effort. At first it was a cross country uniform but hen I wanted to wear the bracelet and the skirt, because they seemed like they were both in the same category in terms of "Yes, I'm cool, no, don't talk to me" vibes. I changed the laces of my boots to my sneaker laces to add to the ~sporty spice~ element of the sweater. In retrospect I attribute this outfit to listening to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac and Wannabe by the Spice girls alternatingly. 

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  1. Rookie Yearbook 2 is the best!
    x Yazmine


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