Tuesday, April 15, 2014

if you move into his neighborhood, he'll never make a sound (liebster)

heyy guys: I was nominated for a liebster award by the very cool schmool Amelia Mad at Terminally Chill If I were you I would tap that ...link because her blog is amazing. (I'm sorry I tried to do pre-pubescent boy humor and I think I just ruined the internet.)

Anyway, let's just forget that happened and focus on the fact that I threatened someone into thinking someone really thinks that I'm good at blogging!

11 facts about me:

1. I'm planning on shaving my head later this year (!!)
2. I live on Bob's Burgers, Daria, Freaks and Geeks, Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project, The Simpsons and Dr. Who.
3. I really want to learn how to skateboard because I think it will help me on my path to fulfillment as indie-girl-who-blogs-and-is-dating-ezra-keonig-and-lives-in-a-tiny-house-surrounded-by-lil-plant-friends (trust me, I'm getting there)
4. I was born in Nigeria and lived there for six years.
5. I'm currently learning French because I plan on living/studying in France when i get older.
6. I fall in love with kind people really easily.
7. I'm getting pet fish and plants soon.
8. My all-time favorite band is Fleetwood Mac.
9. Whenever I read something good- I write it everywhere (on the walls, on my arms etc)
10. I love sour fruits.
11. I want a job in art but also astrophysics but also pyschology but also engineering???????

Amelia's questions

1. How is your relationship with your parents?
I really love my parents and I try to avoid getting mad at them (especially over dumb stuff)- sometimes you just can't avoid ~dat teen angst~ but I would say my relationship is pretty good.

2. What is your favorite breakfast food?
I have no idea- eggs???? bread???? carbohydrates????? I generally avoid breakfast to maintain my reputation as extremely unhealthy and *jumps on motorcycle* a bad influence on small children.

3. How do you break the ice on a date?
Ummm... obviously with my world famous sense of humor.

4. Where do you wish you were right now?
Asleep in Paris.

5. Favorite childhood memory?
Trying to make wax and kind of almost burning the house down lol *smiles in a daniel desario way that makes me seem troubled but loveable*

6. Favorite vacation memory
I'm not sure but I have vague memories of going to a New England coastal town when I was younger.

7. If two designers could create your dream wardrobe which would you choose?
Definitely Meadham Kirchoff and Commes Des Garcons. Rei and Edward and Meadham are insanely genius and manage to come up with incredible, beautiful clothing all the time. I mean, seriously:


Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2012 RTW

8. How would you make the world a better place if you could?
Eeep. I have no idea- right now it just seems like there's so much wrong with the world that it would be ineffective to try to deal with it all and I think I would focus on one issue. This sounds super cliche because it's said all the time: but I would really have to start with being the best person I can be *groan* and setting a good example for people I know *super-groan* and really re-evaluating what I'm doing to be part of the problem. (I think that was the only part of my answer that didn't sound like a campaign speech by someone who's mega-unqualified for the job)

9. Most Friday nights we can find you...
(This sounds like a joke but) doing homework *boos from the audience* I really love that feeling of getting stuff done and I know that if I stay up until 12 doing homework on friday, I can spend the rest of the weekend wasting my life on the internet.

10. Favorite music craze at the moment? 
I don't know exactly what this means, so I'll answer it both ways. My favorite craze in an artist is probably king krule: not only is he reallyyyyyyyyyyy cute

but his voice is asdhgsajkfhasfkljqeirjasbndjadhWHAT there's literally no way to describe it except

My favorite craze in a sound is probably angry/angsty music with lots of layers and sounds so like tUnE-yArDs.

11. If you could party with any two celebrities, who would you hang out with?
Probably Kathleen Hanna and Beyonce because they would both have insanely good advice on careeer stuff, following your passions, life, fashun, feminism, and be super fun. And also BEYONCE and KATHLEEN HANNA literally. (The third would probably be Oprah). <3

Anyway, I hope no one fell asleep reading those answers, but here are my questions:

1. What's your weirdest habit?
2. What are you studying right now?
3. What was the last thing you ate?
4. What was your last dream?
5. What are you reading?
6. Who plays you in the movie of your life?
7.How do you feel about Drunk in Love in emojis?
8. Do you have any shows from your childhood that you still like to watch? 
9.If I gave you a time machine what would you do with it?
10. What's your favorite song right now?
(I'm stealing this from Amelia because I am a loser: )
11. If you could party with any two celebrities, who would they be?

And my nominees are: 
Jemima at Ethereal Pop
Matilda at Her Mind Bloggles
Kate at Holographic Nights
Sonja at intergalactic glitter monster
Joy at Joy Agnes
Elena at Miss Eyecatcher
Carla at poop soup
Georgiana at Where is Frank
Sofie at One Too Many Wishes
Aida at This Kid Is Alright

If you weren't nominated you can answer the questions - because your answers are probably cooler than mine ha. 

I hope you have a lovely day.



  1. woahhh shaving your head is huge, but I'm sure it'll look fabulous on you because you seem to be able to pull off like anything! I'm also Nigerian! *high-five* I loved reading your answers, and they made me giggle, and I read somewhere giggling's good for the heart/soul so thanks for that.


    1. thank you so much, I'm kind of nervous about the shave but really want to do it. *Nigerian high-fives everyday* I am v v happy that my answers made you laugh


  2. It was really fun reading your answers! I don't think you broke the internet i think i broke a rib from laughing! *insert laugh track*... now i think i just broke the earth... Meadham Kirchoff and Commes Des Garcons are two designers who really got me to appreciate the craftmanship and fun and the inspiration that goes behind a collection. I live off every show you listed besides Dr.Who and I especially love The Mindy Project its like an IV for me (its like the best show everrrr!! i have an urge to spam you with gifs from the show but i won't).I'm falling in love with King Krule and tUnE-yArDs. OMG Kathleen Hanna and Beyonce in the same room just sounds so cool I can't even deal right now... (what if they had their own band omfgasddf) This message is getting too long. OK bye!

    1. Thank you! Yesss, the Mindy Project is pure gold omg Mindy + Danny!! I have no idea what I would do with Kathleen Hanna and Beyonce in their own band - I would probably physically explode (I'm not even joking)


  3. Aww, no, your sense of humor is super cute.
    I can totally see you being a rebel indie girl who's dating Ezra (I don't even like Vampire Weekend, but Ezra's twitter skills are exceptional), also, you know what else is really ~indie~ and stuff? - Longboarding. idk. I saw a video about it and it looked interesting and more comfortable than skateboarding.
    And yaaay for learning French, I started to learn it at school last year and for some reason it seems to be harder than any other language I know (including German and Japanese). But if you are into French things and, say, watch French films a lot it shouldn't be hard at all! Also, wow, you have lived in two continents, you are one absolutely ~cool younger girl~.

    1. Thanks! omg after reading your comment- I just spent 25 minutes reading Ezra's tweets again, he is beautiful. I just looked up longboarding and it looks really cool. I've learned Latin and Mandarin before- and I think French is easier than both of those for some reason, maybe because I'm older and have developed a lot of *good study habits*. I'm trying to practice by watching French films and listening to French music.

    2. AAH, YOU ARE SUCH AN IMPRESSIVE PERSON. Not only you know French, but also Latin and Mandarin? It probably sounds creepy, but I told my mom about you because you're really amazing.

      P.S. Submarine is beautiful. Best soundtrack ever.


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