Tuesday, April 1, 2014

writing about hating the internet on the internet is the definition of situational irony, i don’t really care what shakespeare thinks

 I just realized that my outfit from my last post was probably influenced by the three St. Vincent songs I've been listening to a lot lately that are like an awkwardly manic exploration of creativity, geometric dreams, and IN THE MOMENT art rock.

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this album cover has stolen my heart- doesn't she look like an alien princess 

~excuse me while I spend the rest of my life trying to achieve her combination of hair, makeup and pristine facial expression; only to realize at the age of 96 that I will never reach that level of beauty and spend the rest of my life crying.~


This track starts really funky and electronic with a guitar (or maybe sax?) beat and it's kind of subversively conspicuous- and before you know it, she's singing and it's incredible. The song itself is about an experience she had where she went to a friend's ranch and really wanted to experience her surroundings- so she decided to take all her clothes off, and all of a sudden she noticed a sound like a rattlesnake, and off course was terrified. That's all really reflected in the frantic nature of the music and in the fact that the song is less of a terrifyingly introspective microcosm of the human experience (something that could easily happen with lyrics as metaphysical and solipsistic as, "Am I the only one in the only world?") and more into telling a story about an experience she had. I thought that this was a cool way to represent a song about having an intense focus on the here and now. And also THAT GUITAR SOLO YOU GUYS. *jumps onto motorcycle and rides into sunset*

bring me your loves

From the very start, this song is really simple but draws you in by being almost frightening in its desperation or urgency. I don't know, I just really love it -maybe because it showcases how truly lovely St.Vincent's voice is.

 digital witness

a) really REALLY fun dance beats that are great for Dancing In Your Room Time

b) focused on a fear (or more specifically- anxiety) of immersing our society in the digital/consumerist world so much that we forget how to be human beings and things like the concept of emotion are replaced by a scarily seamless combination of digital and real life.

What do you guys think, do you like these songs- and what have you been listening to lately?



  1. love st. vincent and your sweater is such a pretty colour x
    The Frill Seeker

  2. Love the songs, and your sandals.

    1. Thank you! x

      ps. the idea behind your website is really cool!


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