Saturday, April 5, 2014

i'm not being funny, i don't know how to be- it's unfashionable and that's not me

1// Sunnysprinkled by Elise Mesner

2//Sequence by Tyeb Mehta 

3//Girls Of Blaze by Solange x Puma

4// unknown via tumblr

5// yasmine ines (bloodandconfetti) on flickr

Forty Nine People’s Meditation, 2004, Ahn, Chang Hong

6//Forty Nine People's Meditation by Ahn, Chang Hong

7// BFA work by Jennifer Mehigan 

8// Still Lives- Olympics by Richie Talboy 

new work, 2013 - the first image of a project I’ll be working on this winter

9// Still life, 2013 by Laurence Philomne

10// Fever Girl by FEMME 

Lately I've been feeling a little stifled by my daily schedule (of waking up; going to school, extracurriculars; homework; sleep; repeat)and afraid of falling into a pattern of wasting my life doing things and talking to people that don't make me feel good instead of things like making art and watching plays. 

I'm a little torn between wanting a routine that continues in perpetuity-because I get really anxious when things don't go according to plan- and wanting everything to be a continuous stream of impulsive decisions that lead to me meeting people who change my life . So now I'm working on finding a balance of that while making sure that my consciousness doesn't pass me by.

So I guess that's all making me attracted to the types of photos and music that display routine objects and events against bright backdrops: the art highlights their unimportance so much that they actually become important - and never really have the fear of fading into monotony.

ETA: This actually reminds me of the Rene Magritte quote about 
"making everyday objects shriek aloud"
(I tried hard to find a way to put that in there without sounding snobbyartkid)


beauty rituals
subdued vs bright

What do you guys think: which photos are your favorite, and if you listened to the FEMME song- let me know what you think of it. 



  1. Your blog is so insanely neat. I love love the colours you selected in these pictures. I hope you are having a lovely day!

  2. Hello! I loved the third photo but the 9th made me shudder ("nonono not hair on the lollipop nooooo") I really like all of them though and the song really fits in nicely to the pops of colour! Your whole post made me long for summer..

    1. Thank you, it's nice to know you liked the photos- the hair on the lollipop made me a little uncomfortable at first too but I really liked how it fit in with the overall aesthetic.


  3. My favorite photos are the sprinkle fried egg, the gold false eyelashes, and the hairy lollipop next to the hair rollers and fake eyelashes. The egg looks really tasty even though an egg covered with sprinkles would probably be gross, the gold false eyelashes remind me of various elements of The Shining, and the final two pictures make me think about all the kinda gross and unhygienic beauty routines people have. In particular these photos remind me of the discarded eyelid stickers I've found in bathrooms in Asia. They creep me out almost as much as used bandages, I just wish people would throw them away.

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. Yeah, all the photos remind me of these weird beauty rituals that people have and how they're a natural part of our lives. I've never seen eyelid stickers and I don't really know what they are, but they sound pretty gross.


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