Sunday, December 22, 2013

aidan backwards is nadia and I think that's pretty amazing.

Confession time: I haven't been on the Vogue or Style or any magazine website in 2 months. To most people, I guess this wouldn't be such a big deal. But it really bothers me because going on these websites and looking at these magazines and the pictures of designers and collections used to be such a huge part of my daily routine (despite the fact that I've encountered so many people who complain about how vain and conceited fashion is. But that's a rant for another time because I don't feel like getting passionate about the f-bomb* in this post) At first I was afraid of the three possible causes that we're stooping me from actively engaging in the world of fashion like I used to.

a) I was becoming disenchanted with fashion at the age of 12. This literally frightens me because I associate it with a loss of my innocence which is something I'm already trying to deal with (I cried when I heard the Jonas brothers were breaking up and also Tavi's "forever" letter). I know that I'm still interested in fashion because I see people around me in school or on the sidewalk and think wow that's an awesome outfit, do I have anything like that? Or I listen to music and look at art and think, how can I express that through clothing?

b) fashion blogging is changing the way I think about fashion. For some reason, now whenever I look at a collection, I feel a weird obligation to have  incredibly complex thoughts about the clothing, even though sometimes I just want to think, wow that's cute. And maybe I want to put pictures of designs on my wall without constantly thinking about why the designer chose these colors and lines and what were they trying to convey with these clothes? This must sound ridiculous coming from someone who made the conscious decision to start a fashion blog, but they're just thoughts.  

c) maybe school is physically sucking all of the ability to think creatively out of my life. Very, very plausible but mostly because whenever I have a problem i tend to blame it on school hahaha. 

I don't know about all of this but I just really wanted my thoughts out there and I'll be back tomorrow with a report of my first time back on Vogue tomorrow.

ps: sorry for the irrelevant title, the unstructured writing, and the ranty-ness of it all. 

*F-bomb: feminism. 

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