Saturday, December 21, 2013

procrastinator's guide to getting stuff done

Hi guys, this post about last-minute Christmas presents was supposed to go up a week ago, but I procrastinated, and now it's too late. (So I can't really blame anyone for "last minute" gifts since I'm doing this at literally the last minute.) But I guess this guide is still pretty helpful if you plan on giving a late gift or just indulging yourself in rad gifts under $20 from the comfort and love of your computer. 
So, I thought I should make a little holiday gift guide if you've got anyone who (like me) is 12 years old or (like me) wants gifts or (like me) is a female adolescent (like me.) *hint hint* Because you know, to give is better than to receive (but I am of course open to receiving any of these lovely presents as a surprise.)

cool things 1

(left to right)
1. Really Positive Energy Breath Spray, $6.29
Heightens your inner magnetism with "real unicorn juice".
2. Pop Heart Purrfect Lip Balm, $5.44
Kitschy heart shaped tin.
3. Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug, $11.79
Pour your coffee in and watch the horrific beach scene play out. Sounds like a party to me!
4. Cat Eye Glasses, $8.49
Meowow! (See what I did there.)
5. All My Friends Are Dead, $10.49
This will make you laugh and cry at the same time, and that's my favorite.
6. Morrissey, $10.42
This charming man.
8. Kitty Wampus, $6.29
Hey it says ages 4+ you guys, that means me. I would actually probably just get this for the amazing design on the box but the game itself seems pretty fun.
9. Solar Powered Sushi Dancers, $13.79
Needs no explanation.
10. Vinnie's Tampon Case, $12.79
Wow this. "Remember your flow." It even comes with a handy period chart.
Most adorable thing ever. *buys*

cool things 2

(left to right)
2. Martie T-Bar Shoes, $20.00
I've been scouring stores for T-bar shoes like this for such a long time and I can imagine so many outfits that would be 200% better with these shoes.
3. Quartz Pendant Necklace, $20.00
Lovely and feminine.
4. Dr. Martens USB Boot, $20.00
I just really like this, okay!
5. Farts: A Spotter's Guide, $17.99
Only book that anyone will ever need ever. 
6. Momiji Message Doll, $17.99
Incredibly cute doll that poops secret messages. Okay, do you really need any other reasons?
I've always wanted to do magic tricks even though I'm mostly sure I'm horrible at them, but your daughter/niece/sister/you might not be.

If this guide didn't help at all (sorry not sorry) and you still have no idea what to get, just give them the gift that keeps on giving: cold hard cash love. 

What do you guys think, and what's on your wishlists?

Happy holidays!

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