Saturday, December 21, 2013

good feelings and cool people everywhere

*runs through the angry mob of blog readers*

Hi guys. I know I haven't posted in ages which is horrible of me and I just wanted to thank you (all 25 of you haha) for still following me despite it. So much has happened and I  just want to share it all with you. But this post is about the Rookie Meetup I went to on December 7th.

I don't even know where to start because it was all so amazing, and it was the first time I'd ever been surrounded by such an amazing group of cool people)


Practically everything I wore was something I made myself but the skirt was thrifted. (I put that little monster on my face because it expressed my emotions better than the expression that was actually on my face that's just my real face you guys.I'm from a secret race of aliens and everything you know is a lie.)

Wow did I mention how cool everyone was yet? Because everyone was super cool. 

photos of me wearing my "human" face by me, Allegra, (who has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard and wow) Nick, Riley, or Sam

By then I was already aware of how huge of a babe Tavi was in real life and was super excited to meet her, not knowing how much cooler she was in real life. 
(once again I have to wear my real face because my human one was malfunctioning)
She signed my journal, a poster and she was constantly complimenting me!

there's some stuff that happened that I couldn't upload video of for some reason and I'm very angry because it was all so much fun. 

Tavi read from her December "Forever" letter and I started crying. 
The Lemons played an awesome set and we danced
Around the end, Tavi played some songs from her iTunes (Come On Eileen, This is What Dreams Are Made Of, This Charming Man, We're All In This Together, Dancing Queen)
*listening to any of these songs now makes me very sad for some reason

I cried again because I wasn't sure what would happen if I never saw all these people again. 



  1. You met Tavi?! That is soooo cool, I would do anything to go to a Rookie meetup. Lucky you xxx

  2. Wow just found your blog. You are a very lucky duck this looks amazing. So cool that your a fan of rookie too! I'm following! xo


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