Monday, June 16, 2014

a hundred jewels on throats

if you read none of this weird rant, please read the bold part:

//note// it recently came up on the 1st birthday of this blog (woohoo) and when I realized it I felt kind of shaken  because I don't think I've accomplished as much with this as I'd hoped to by this time. and then i realized that i feel that way because

. time is mind b(l)oggingly finite (hahaha) and i suck at prioritizing -- I'll work on it.  

. i tend to assume that if i can't create something that meets up to a set of arbitrary standards - then i can't create anything at all; this means literally hundreds of ideas and poems AND BLOG POSTS that I've tossed because i thought they weren't good enough -  not recognizing the fact that i could actually learn from them, that perfection is far from instant (i sound like a guidance counselor but sometimes those people know what they're talking about.)  basically what i'm saying is that right now i'm trying harder to accept the fact that anythingeverything is a process and it's super cliche but everything i make has value even if it's just in pushing me to create something better: art is evolutionary also, growth requires introspection (ie if you fail horribly, trying again is almost useless if you don't recognize the circumstances of the failure) so yeah, hopefully that pans out into this blog as me growing as a person through trial and error as well as figuring out who/what i am (i've already ruled out cyborg prince)- because wasn't that the purpose of this blog in the first place? (the self-discovery, not the cyborg part).

. and also realizing what Eli at melodifairytale said about her blog and i will forever apply to mine:
"it's my self-controlled kingdom! my safe space!"

 . so i guess you could say these are some of the many lessons that this blog has taught me in a year (which is way more than i learned in economics)

anyway, to all the rad people who follow this blog and reads and comment, thank you for putting up with me for a whole year. 
. here's a little snippet of an outfit i wore a few days ago that is a bit like a more laid back version of what i've been into recently.

scarf diy
sweater childhood
sandals childhood


Art in Architecture in San Francisco - Toshio

1// Art in Architecture in San Francisco by Toshio (Flickr)

2// unknown via tumblr



3// Nozawa 2-32 by guen-k (Flickr)

4// Untitled Print by Elena Boils

5// Sky's the Limit by Maura Wolfson-Foster 

6// unknown via tumblr


concrete city on Flickr.
from a shoot i did that’s up on the pulp zine now

7// Concrete City by Rosalind Duguid (Flickr)

8// unknown via tumblr

9// cat ink plant (?) by eero lampinen

i guess: 
dark green + geometric patterns + black and white + palm-like plants

so basically this video: 


a hundred jewels on throats

what do you guys think of all this:

. do you like the photos?
. what's your opinion on lorde's music?
. do you know of any other clothes that kind of fit this vibe?



  1. Hooray Happy bday! *pops open a bottle of sparkling cider* *plays "Nobody's Perfect" by Hannah Montana aka pre-twerk Miley Cyrus*. Blogging is a reflection of thyself and doesnt have to be a final draft for the constitution of the United States of the blah blah blah blah. Thats whats so great about it. Its your space for you to rant and post whatever you want gurl. Love your outfit, the photos, and the polyvores! Lordes music is really great. Like pop music but more serious and relatable. Music you don't have to lower down when your mom enters the room... I'll try to make a polyvore inspired by yours and ill send it to youuu. :)

    1. Thank you so much! *nobody's perfect, you live and you learn it* I'm feeling a lot more positive about this whole blogging shintz now and i'm super excited to see your polyvore.


    2. Thank you so much! *nobody's perfect, you live and you learn it* I'm feeling a lot more positive about this whole blogging shintz now and i'm super excited to see your polyvore.


  2. Happy Birthday to this wicked ass cool corner of the internet! *joins in Amelia's celebration up there^^^* I totally get what you mean, since I am cursed with the same perfectionist tendencies. I would love to see some more rough stuff, dig inside your brain a bit, I'm always so excited when I see you pop up on my bloglovin feed. Lorde is wonder wonder wonder wunderbar. I am seeing her live in september and the only way I can describe it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I LOVE THE PHOTOS. That's all. Have a rad tues - shit it's wednesday. Have a cool wednesday.

    1. Thank you!! Everything you guys are saying is so nice I can't believe it. Ahh i'm so jealous- the last time lorde played chicago tickets sold out within the 3 minutes it took me to find the laptop charger. i hope you have a fun time! :)


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