Thursday, June 19, 2014

they want you to be easy for them to understand- but you - you internet- you are large, you contain multitudes

right now i'm at that point in my google chrome existence where it take 8 minutes to load a webpage because i've developed an emotional attachment to all of the tabs i have open and bookmarking them would just add to a list that is already miles long. so i thought i'd post them here, both for future reference and so that you can share in the stress wealth that comes with the internet.
courtney love

i am a biggg fan of courtney love and hole and everything she breathes basically (i love courtney love?) i almost exploded after the news of her beautiful comeback earlier this year- but I really exploded when i saw:

. this trailer for a short, bizarrely beautiful remake of Valley of the Dolls starring COURTNEY LOVE, lindsay lohan, miley cyrus and chloe sevigny, and paula deen called... Valley of the Doll Parts. your life will be forever changed. 

. an interview on with Courtney in which she talks about cheese, Hole and fashion (!!) and contradicts herself (as in, a lot) but it's Courtney Love so the entire interview is crazy stupid cool beautiful- just read it. 

lana del rey

. Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolet album which was released on Friday. The album is good and has a distinct sound but I can't talk much about it because there's so much going on that I'm confused about: possible romanticizing of of domestic violence, lana's denouncement of feminism (my current thoughts are super conflicted and sound a bit like: ASCAGHDRHUYTVKLIZSFBR) but instead here are some articles from people who seem to know what they're talking about:

(TW for rape in A Clockwork Orange / domestic violence) Album Review (Consequence of Sound)

(TW for domestic violence) Does Lana Del Rey's New Song Glorify Domestic Violence? (TIME)

if you have any idea what you think of all this (or even if you don't) please let me know in the comments. 

company digital festival

If you're like me and possibly will never be able to afford tickets to a music festival until you're the ripe old age of 30 (SARCASM), and you've already accepted your fate as a perpetual hermit- then rejoice at the Company Magazine Digital Festival. Company is hosting an online festival that you can watch right. from. your. couch. I don't know many of the bands (The Vamps, Charli XCX, John Newman) - but I'm still pretty excited. 

cultural appropriation

interesting article by Refinery 29 about cultural appropriation that covers all the bases (what it is, why it's a problem, what we can do to change it etc)

bib and tuck's beautiful new Youtube special with Jilly Hendrix asking New York fashuneestas about clothes, money, and dreams. i recommend ruthie and arabelle's- but they're so short that watching them all one after another will just make your life happier. 

archy marshall's musings on his hometown + beautifully shot photos = tru luv


a random picture of david bowie and edie sedgwick  i found on tumblr that makes me so so happy and i truly want you guys to feel as positive as i am now <3<3 (those hearts are a semi-accurate representation of my life right now and it's so very good)



  1. i was dying of laughter watching that Valley of the Dolls trailer! lololol Courtney Love is tragic, crazy, beautiful, and rad. She's a beautiful mess of a person while also being rock and roll royalty. Thats cool she's making a comeback . I remember when she came out with Skinny little Bitch a few years ago off of Nobody's daughter.i will most definitely check out the interview. Ughh *rubs temples* Lana kinda shook my world with her announcement of not being a feminist *gasps*. Ughh But i feel like deep inside her ignorant, space crazed head she can be saved and become a full on feminist. Problematic media is quite a conundrum... Its like feeling guilty about liking a few songs on Bangers knowing that Miley is using cultural appropriation and acting uber slutty for her image/career. You can take the good but you can leave the bad in the trash can by acknowledging some musicians/artists/whatever are in the wrong. Ultraviolence is a great album with creepy undertones at times. Lana seems very cool. But her not being a feminist and having the platform to say that to people and make it seem okay to millions watching her makes me feel very frustrated with her. The light i once casted on Lana has dimmed by quite a few notches *flashes light switch on and off*. Let's hope she recovers from her "not a feminist" denial soon. Maybe we should petition for Alice Walker and Gloria Steinem to come talk to her....i watched the Jilly hendrix ep with Arabelle and it was so amazing! i love Arabelle more than i already did!!! s/o to those money candybars. I plan to check out the King krule and and Refinery 29 post as well! That photo of David and Edie makes me feel so happy too. :)

  2. This type of post, with all these rad links, is such a killer idea! It was such a good time going through what you were looking at on the wide web. 1. Courtney Love is just, I don't even know how to describe her, you know? She's so amazing and cool and beautiful and absolutely insane, ahhh, I love her. I've honestly just been super disoriented by the whole Lana Del Rey feminism thing. I think once I get some more coherent thoughts myself I'd be more capable to talk about it. THE PHOTO OF DAVID BOWIE AND EDIE IS JUST SO WONDERFUL. I saw it floating on tumblr a little while back and automatically saved it to my computer because BEAUTIFUL.


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