Saturday, June 21, 2014

strange magick

i'm feeling very ~witchy~ in celebration of the summer solstice (longest day and shortest night of the year) and thought i'd make a short post for a playlist:

and also the literal personification of magic:

via live performance of "gold dust woman"

*imagine an infinite array of heart eye emojis here*

so yeah, enjoy your solstice by dancing in the sunset and arranging some twigs around your head and setting some stuff on fire while pretending to hold the sun in your hands (that's what we can assume people do on the solstice according to this)!


  1. STEVIE NICKS IS THE EMBODIMENT OF PERFECTION. Everything from her voice to her clothes to the way she breathes makes me swoon. This is a killer playlist. And also so embed 8tracks, you have to go the 8tracks website and click the share button and get the html code, then when you're making your post, switch to html and post the code where you want the embedded 8tracks to be in the post. Then just switch back to normal mode and publish! There totally might be an easier way, but that's how I've done it!

    1. yesyesyes thank you so much- it's hard using all those newfangled gadgets amirite?

  2. grimes!!!! stevie nicks!!!! the mac!!!! the xx!!!!!! I love your taste in music good lord!! but honestly grimes is an angel just I don't know I don't even know! ((I need to lie down after the enthusiasm of this comment)) xx


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