Thursday, June 5, 2014

my tiny heart grows three sizes today

quick update while in the proccess of live-blogging my life.

new chrome background 

(it should definitely be noted as Maria Lavender said in the comments section that I love this background but can't stand AA ...)

new gmail background 

new google picture

new blogger picture

which means I spend even more time than is nesseccary now staring into space and in general i'm re-forming my life aesthetic

I might have said this before but I think my Self is skyrocketing - by that I mean, I now spend more time happy than sad, mostly because I've spent a lot of time writing down these and thinking about these words:

1."In every nook and cranny, nature screams at the top of her lungs that nothing lasts, that it is all passing away. All that we see around us, including our own bodies, is shifting and evaporating and one day will be gone. Where are the one billion people who lived and breathed in the year 1800, only two short centuries ago?" - alan lightman

2. "We can't let ourselves be defined by who we were two years, two months, two days, or even two minutes ago- all that we are is now. - a.t.

3. "Work it out with words and don't try to compress it inside yourself like some kind of angst diamond" -g.b.

4. “If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers” - antoine de saint-exupery

and also, the school year is a just a week from being over and i'm exploding- i'll finally be able to make this blog seem like.... something, so get excited, and comment stuff that i should blog about!



  1. Love all the backgrounds! Im a big fan of clouds (i find it so cool and gross how clouds are made out of dirt particles, air, and water vapor), grid patterns, and flowers! Im in love with the first two quotes the most! The last one was so beautiful! I'm glad you are more :) than :(
    xx Amelia

    1. yeah clouds are really cool- it's so rare that anyone ever gets time to just sit down and stare at them unless you're like 5. i love finding good quotes so i can write them down EVERYWHERE just so i can see them.

  2. Such sick photos, and I have a weird obsession/fetish for grids idk. I only use graph paper whenever I can because something about the symmetry is calming. And I freaking love all the new photos, so good. Quotes oh man quotes, they are so beautiful, and like Amelia, I love the first two most as well. Being happy is nice, I've been feeling it a lot lately and it's made me even more happy.

    1. yeah it's so weird i love using graph paper for things for that same reason. happyhappyness is great, (agh it's so weird your happiness is making me happy and it's feuling an amazing spiral yay)

  3. mmm, I definitely identify with the whole re-forming your life aesthetic. I feel like my life is a quest to define/portray my ideal visual/life aesthetic! Also your quotes are beautiful, specifically the one that says ALL WE ARE IS NOW. I keep seeing messages like this one lately; I think God is trying to tell me to just enjoy where I am +right now+. (Also, I secretly love your new chrome theme, but absolutely hate AA so I must put this in parentheses XP)

    1. thank you so much- i've been increasingly noticing how important it is to appreciate where you are in the NOW. uggh yeah i love the theme but i can't stand the brand aa. x


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