Monday, June 30, 2014

blazing summer cold coffee

i've been listening to this song a lot recently and it fits a lot with the aesthetic of this post and is really calming
so you guys should listen to it while reading this for max coolness (and maybe listen to it again if you like it to appreciate the genius of the lyrics that seem like they started out as poetry)

Artist Moved To Despair by The Grandeur of Antique Fragments by Henry Fuseli.

I'm not really sure why but there's something weirdly fascinating about art being beautiful enough to make someone so emotional. It probably has to do with art being a reflection of human emotions that most of us can't really express and we're so shocked when we see something that simply conveys the way we feel. (i refuse to proofread that sentence because i'm so confident in the fact that all of my thoughts make some sort of sense)(but actually- did that make any sort of sense?)

Prada fw 2010 (via

very strong Grandma Jetson vibes

marc jacobs fall 2010


jonathon saunders menswear


untitled by Sophie Van der Perre on Flickr.

untitled by sophie van der perre (flickr)

i was so inspired by all this that i got off my lazy butt to take some outfit photos!

weird brown vibeimage


weird brown vibe
*closeup of the neck situation* 

the main reason why i chose to wear that dress is because of the neckline that
 kind of folds over itself like some sort of turtleneckscarf but also like
the boa constrictor i keep that gives me my warmth and eternal youth (i'm actually in my 70s)  

sweater: unknown (i'm such a mess that i just discovered this inside my hovel/bedroom)
brown polka dot dress: childhood
mesh dress worn underneath: thrifted

weird brown vibe

weird brown vibe
weird brown vibe

sweater: Marshalls
red patterned shirt (underneath): childhood
jeans: thrifted
mesh dress (same as above)

i am madly deeply in love with the mesh dress if you couldn't already tell and i'm probably going to wear it everywhere everyday for the rest of my life (with small alterations to hold the broken hearts i'll collect throughout my life- of course) *din in sound as the audience faints collectively at my wit and charm* but it will definitely be featured in future outfit photos. The only thing I really need is a nice (read: cheap) black dress to wear underneath the mesh, so if you've seen one, let me know.

did you guys like the song or the outfits and do you have any recommended jamz that are on the same vibe as "coffee"?



  1. Beautiful post! That picture of Tavi is perfection!
    xx Inés

  2. Lovely post! Love the brown,retro,coffee, chunky knit, vibes. Reminds me of wooden cabinets from the 70's and Wes Anderson movies. Your outfits look very awesome and the song is great!

  3. God, this song is rad. It's so outer space-y with the dings in the background and I absolutely love her voice. Poetry being a pretty big part of my life, I'm always a fan of songs with poetic lyrics. This one is a perfect example.

    NOT TO MENTION THE BADASS ROCKIN CHIC YOU LOOK. Your outfit is so prime, and you truly are witty and clever. *applause* You may think you are in your 70s, but I have a quarter collection. I am perpetually an 85 year old man. Embrace it, we have a long way to go until that point in our lives (not to mention, in my case it might have to include a sex change.)

    You rock, your soul rocks, I want to be you.

  4. Thank you so much omg, you rock!


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