Sunday, June 15, 2014

quel temps est-il? l'ete! c'est nos vacances!

*puts on sunglasses and shorts* *jumps into ocean* *almost drowns* *swims out looking cooler than ever*


Here's a nostalgic picture of the High School Musical 2 poster - because my brain is now hardwired to associate summer with this movie. ( note the use of the word "nostalgic" to make it seem like I didn't just watch this movie yesterday. )

I would try to form a sentence about how happy I am right now- but I won't because I'm too busy not caring and exploding inside!

To be completely honest, the whole "summer freedom" thing is kind of jarring for me because I'm so used to being on a strict schedule that the idea of being able to do whatever I want whenever I want to is foreign enough for me to end up wasting the entire summer, sitting on the floor listening to Fleetwood Mac whilst thinking of a million cool things I could do, but will never actually.

*accepts crown as QUEEN of the run-on sentence*

so in no particular order, here's my summer list-
visit some vintage stores around my neighborhood

improve sewing skills

go to the museum (particulary the rene magritte exhibit)

stare at the sky a lot

read rimbaud in the grass

redecorate my room

listen to new music

draw / write something daily

go to a few open mic shows

learn to skateboard and fulfill my indiegarage rock destiny

learn some monologues

have a studio ghibli marathon

open an etsy

get reallyyy good at playing the harmonica

make funky-colored lipstick out of eyeshadow

get some new penpals to send junk to

go to circus camp for a week

volunteer at the library


blog more (!!!!)

i'd be really happy to add to this list, so feel free to let me know about any cool things that i can do in the comments section- particularly cool summer movies or tv shows.

and also, I hope everyone's summer is going great!


  1. I know what you mean about there being no schedule! sorta the reason why the idea of college/university is scary for me haha xx

    1. yah- its weird to go from high school to college because then you're really responsible for your own time management and keeping it all together 24/7 :)

  2. I am the same with the whole no schedule thing. It really scares me just being able to do whatever I want. I am going to europe for 3 weeks this summer so that's taken care of, but what about the other 6 weeks????? we should somehow studio ghibli marathon together, that would be so cool, cause I've wanted to have one for a while now.

    this list is so prime, I love it. I might steal a few for my own non-existing-as-of-now summer list.

    1. its so weird because on one hand you feel so free with your own schedule but on the other hand, you wanna cry because you know you're gonna mess it up. europe sounds like fun and it would be so cool to have a joint-marathon or something! :)



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