Thursday, June 26, 2014

chunnel (old vibes, old poetry)

---stuff i wrote a while ago but never published because BBC America distractions. ---

. weird light brown
. deserts
. insects
. dramatically cut hair
. change
. haze
. wes anderson movies
. animosity


i knew from the moment that you left
i would have to fall in love with
the dust you left behind
from the living ghosts in your eyes
fingerprints waxing and waning


your presence was a whisper
that left me feeling like a thunderstorm
to this day my hands are cold from the storm
i am shaking
i am shaking
i am shaking
i am shaking
and though i can still feel you
slipping through the lines
that weren't there
5 years ago
my bones cracking from the weight of you and me


5 years from now 
i will see you like a rose in the fall
i will forget my reflection in the sunset
and remember how to find it in the glass
i want to hear glass break
am i still beautiful
if i forget to check in the morning


skipping work and lunch and people and breathing and homes and houses and hands and holding
to water you through 
the winter
i will see you
fall in love again
and forget that winter comes every year
i can make it through this one
if i remember the day
you breathed  life into my lungs
like fire
but called it  love
i can forget
the third degree burns 
surgeon general warning
i can stay afloat in a desert


if i forget that once upon a time
in a land far far away
i had fingertips 
i won't long for the 
touch of
hand holding hand combat


my tomorrow 
is a straight line staring down at me
i will long for tomorrows
and days afters
and days afters
and days afters
and for the thought of 
springs in the never-ending winter


i will pull myself together
remake my suit of amore
out of gravel and bent
like wire hangers teetering unsure
hands gripping tables 
sitting on the edge
to find a sense of balance, i have to remind myself
that it's the entire world spinning slowly spinning out of control
and not just me


you wlil speak flowers and poetry into hope shaped crevices
to calm the tide inside me
and i will confuse a single star for the night sky

so, what do you guys think of my **poetry** (i'm trying to write a lot more this summer) and comment if you'd like to see more or some slam poetry and constructive criticism would be cool (woahhh alliteration- is this a third grade english project or wut??). also- there's a poll in the sidebar about the ~future~ of this blog that you should really check out

* none of the photos in this post are mine and i will probably get around to sourcing them eventually sorry. 


  1. Don't put yourself down. This is really interesting. You should definitely write more. I wrote my first poem after a long long time a little more than a year ago and I still can remember the feeling of posting it on my blog. If you feel the urge to share something, share it. Words demand to be shared.

    1. Thank you! Your writing is so beautiful. I really like that idea- "Words demand to be felt."

  2. your poetry is so lovely; my favourite is 006!
    i definitely want to read more~~


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